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NOVEMBER 6th, 2016 —
Coven elections solidified.  We welcome the new Zakaer (Heads of the Towers of Apotheosis) and the newly election Archzakaer, Ciaran A. Blake!
AUGUST 1st, 2016 —
"Rites in the Thirteen Tongues: An Intimate Sojourn Into Maergzjirah" available on Amazon.
JUNE 1st, 2016 —
New store relic updates and order processing.  Check it out at: Arca | The B.C. Reliquary

JUNE 1st, 2016 —
"Choronzon Vol. II" features a lengthy article regarding the nature and undeath apotheosis of the Lich by Somnus Dreadwood. Available on Amazon.

The mission of the Cabal is to offer all individuals an unique opportunity to explore the multi-ethnic spiritual paths that make up the Cabal.  We are an organization focused on the mysteries of the soul; seeking to be more divine through purpose and practice.  We see true divinity within and encourage all individuals to manifest that for themselves through education and execution.  The Cabal seeks to gain spiritual autocracy through individual apotheosis and steadfast leadership.

ɸ  "Understandings in Becoming Through the Magickal Path" interview with Somnus Dreadwood.  Watch now by clicking the title link!

ɸ  Coven 2016: Season of the Witch registration is closed unless you have already worked out an arrangement with us.