Following the removal of man made titles, "Master", "Mistress" and "Sovereign", we sought the inspiration of the Thirteen Blighted Lords to define what all should be. Therefore, these are the following breakdowns of titles...

I. POSTULANT. Newly accepted individuals who are working through their foundation rites, leading to making their blood pact at Coven.

II. DISCIPLE. These individuals have made their blood pact and are privy to the Pathworking of their chosen Tower of Apotheosis, Cabal discussion and can partake in all functions of the Order.

III. ADEPT. One who has attained a level of proficiency within their chosen Tower of Apotheosis and have been given the executive order to teach other Disciples and Postulants.

IV. PRECEPTOR. One who has attained a profound and thorough level of personal mastery in their Tower of Apotheosis. This offers them the opportunity to become part of the Cabal's Council.

V. ASHIRRIN (pl. Ashirren). One who has directly named by the Blighted Lords as the sole caretaker of a Tower of Apotheosis due to their otherworldly mastery of said Tower; one who has also achieved a level of genuine apotheosis in their Tower.

VI. ASHAENOK (pl. Ashaenoken). The executive overseer of the Cabal.

VII. ZAKAER. This is a catch-all term for Ashirrin and Ashaenok as V & VI are not to be spoken aloud or in idle banter. Arch-Zakaer may also be used for the Ashaenok.  


Note: V, VI & VII have all been spoken in the demonic speech, hence their obscure and alien pronunciation.

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