The Cabal maintains a unique perspective regarding the world and how it ought to be governed that is broken down into spiritual, social and political schemes.  Because the Cabal rests firmly as a concrete Left Hand Path organization, we have immediately been thrown into the same overly generalized species as the "Satanist".  There are various types of Satanists and unfortunately, most are entirely uneducated in regards to these types.  Typically, to the ignorant, the term Satanist brings about images of Anton LaVey and his Church of Satan as well as images of robed figures praying and committing acts of debauchery, human and animal sacrifice in order to appease their demonic deity.  However, that is all that it is: ignorance.  The Church of Satan takes an atheistic view of all; Satan being nothing more than a psychological archetype and a representation of personal libertine freedom.  The latter image is one of historical foundation, but these orders that do partake in sacrifice are wholly theistic.  Meaning that they actually do believe in a supreme spiritual force.  The Cabal is most definitely a theistic order of Disciples dedicated to the pursuance of communion with our Blighted Lords and in the evolution of both the human being and the world.

By definition, the Cabal is Maergzjiran in its spiritual path.  That is, we follow the law as spoken by the Blighted Lords of Maergzjirah.  However, we also follow the Shaitanic path as it is fully aligned and resonates in perfect harmony with our understanding of this Earth realm as well as the creation and battle of the dark versus the false light.  As theistic magicians, sorcerers and necromancers, we pay homage to ancestral, regional, cosmic and otherworldly Spirits.  You may call them demons, gods, goddesses, elementals, etc., but the fact of the matter is that we have come to learn that there is absolutely nothing inherently wicked or evil about working with them.  In fact, we have learned that through respect and wisdom, we can share together in great undertakings and that many of these Spirits are eager and swift to assist us.  And no, we do not sell our souls, nor is it ever bargained.  Instead, the Spirits seek to liberate this world just as much as we do.  They seek to help us gain spiritual purpose, power and mastery of self.

As a minority, we are deeply educated individuals who have brought all of our combined knowledge together so as to better understand history, society, government, and foresee futures for this world.  We do not accept history as has been shoved down our throats in school, media or books.  Instead, we study from all angles so as to fully immerse ourselves in unadulterated truth.  To this end, many criticize our stance, but we will continue to maintain that if anyone wishes not to live in ignorance, they will seek truth and apply wisdom.  History has always been written by the victor, even when the victor was wrong.  They do this to sully their enemy and further establish their law, despite how very restrictive, oppressive or hypocritical they may be.  Every civilization has always been ruled by a religious entity.  We are not foolish enough to believe that religion, society and government are ever kept as separate entities.  Even with a separation of church and state, we are bound by laws and perceptions that reflect the self-denying and oppressive faults of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic dogma.  Society is merely a reflection of its governing religious institute(s).  Therefore, to promote personal self-empowerment and attaining a life associated with personal merit and ability, we take the stance that "victory belongs to the strong"[1].  We further believe in societal reform based on the overall desire of those able to create positive change.  No, we do not mean the wealthy or strategically networked.  Instead, we are referring to individuals who possess knowledge, wisdom and have attained apotheosis.  With individuals in power who have achieved apotheosis, they will be capable to leading the rest of their people to similar greatness, fulfillment and utopian peace.

Further, due to the highly restrictive nature of the JCI dogma and stranglehold it has over numerous countries and their people, psychological disease runs rampant.  Sexual abuse, rape, murder, torture, depression and total mental collapse plague the populace.  Because virtually everything is considered evil or sinful in some way, people are frightened to be themselves. They are intimidated into being robots, mindless zombies and automations in human bodies.  Most turn to drug abuse, alcoholism or fetishized sexuality to sate their growing anxiety about who they are and this becomes only a self-destructive outlet.  On the other hand, we seek to enlighten the soul of humanity and set people free.  Free to be themselves and self-govern without being punished for basic aspects of self that hold no weight in the value of being.  Because the Cabal's structure is rooted in diversity, we value all individuals regardless of race, age, gender or sexual orientation.  These qualities do not contain merit or ability.  They do not cause the individual to be inclined to be powerful or weak.  These traits we consider to be cosmetic and do not relate in any way to one's spirituality or their ability to think, reason, act or develop spiritually.  While many conventional advocates of JCI "morals" and standards of behavior will criticize us, we challenge them to stand toe-to-toe with any of our Disciples and be enlightened firsthand that nothing matters beyond the spiritual self.  Outside of Spirit, we must learn to harness and control personal finance, retain a high standard for quality of life and continually seek personal satisfaction and abundance.  This basic concept extends to one's family and close circle of friends as loyalty is the cornerstone to order and is the base for cooperating with deserving authority and self-discipline; which is loyalty to oneself with a focus on keeping the individual actively pursuing success.

Politically speaking, the Cabal asserts that all currently reigning governmental systems are heavily flawed and require reform.  We see government as a ruling body that should be made of individuals capable of leading their nation and its people toward a collective beneficial future.  Unemployment, starvation, rising national debt, overpopulation, and overall dismal morale of the nation is unacceptable.  Government and military operations should not be overseen by politicians.  Rather, again, those who have attained apotheosis should lead their community and nation.  Those who have the tactical knowledge and experience should lead the military.  Further, we assert that military bodies should also stress training in the spiritual warfare spectrum with regard to fighting on a spirit level, psychic projection and combat as well as the arts of mystic healing as a very basic standard.  We hold that a nation must look to support all of its legal and cooperative citizens.  Criminals that have severely transgressed must be punished to the fullest extent.  The dross; the human waste that through their own degenerate behavior work against the good of community are to be rooted out.  We must stress that this does not reflect on the elderly, mentally or physically disabled, but rather fully able bodied individuals of sound mind who intentionally thieve, exploit, destroy or use their family, friend or a properly functioning and beneficial system to puruse mercenary objectives.  Dysfunction is not tolerated in our own organization and therefore, we maintain that dysfunction should neither be tolerated on the whole.  The nation must be made self-sufficient and look within its borders for the answer, not outside.  Those who do not belong are to be removed and initiatives must be set forth to ensure the empowerment, stability and security of those who legitimately deserve the protection and concern of their sovereign.

The Cabal has always been an equal opportunity organization that seeks to empower all.  Within our order, we have men and women of all walks of life.  We seek to educate individuals and arm them with the absolute truth of their world; not whitewashed hoaxes, half truths and outright fabrications to keep them in line.  To us, we believe honesty is the best policy and is appreciated far more than deceit.  We further seek to empower through physical, mental, psychic and spiritual training so that all who pay their respects to the infernal crescent[2] and the Thirteen Blighted Lords of Maergzjirah will be given the opportunity to obtain the information and training required to achieve apotheosis.  Because of our adherence to untampered truth, honesty, power and discipline, we seek a sort of spiritual autocracy.  We make no mistake in conveying our stance and we do not apologize for our stance.  If you believe in what we're doing and feel the resonating power from the Cabal, then we encourage you to join us via Discipleship in the Cabal.  With each individual who lends their knowledge and unique talents to the Cabal, we are that much closer to creating a world that is governed by the Absolute; where all are given the opportunity to achieve apotheosis and where corruption, oppression, and deceit are obliterated once and for all.


1. Taken from the Devil's Quran.  Sura al-Majd (The Glory).  Martinet Press.  2014
2. The Infernal Crescent is the main sigil for the Maergzjiran Cabal.  It depicts a withered crescent moon encircling an augmented inverted star.

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