Below you will find the Chains of the Abyss, or rules by which we follow in the Maergzjiran Cabal for upholding integrity, trust and positive behavior within the order as we come together, working toward apotheosis and personal betterment.  The Tenets of Etiquette are guides for further better ourselves through behaviors and actions which promote positive growth and respect.  Lastly, the Icosahedron, or 20 Disciple Duties break down the duites toward oneself, their Brother and Sister Disciples, the Cabal and Maergzjirah/the Blighted Lords.  Much of this can be seen merely as common courtesy, but in this day and age of mercenary actions to simply fuel one's own personal gain without regard for others, we feel this is important to address so as to continue to promote harmony within our ranks while we work toward the highest and most grand of ideals.



For some, it appears strange that as an organization that preaches the unique nature of each person's soul and how every man, woman, and child should be focused on achieving self-deification we adhere to strict codes and rules of conduct.  This is coupled with the belief that we are a conventional Left Hand Path society in which we respect no authority or laws other than the law of self.  This is a grave misunderstanding as we realize that by strict self-discipline, respect, and humility toward our teachers the path is opened and we possess a greater capacity for learning and development.  When one joins the Cabal, they are to live according to these following rules of the Cabal.  Most would seem common sense or simply the works carried out by an individual possessing appreciation, respect, and loyalty.  Therefore, to aleviate future confusion or the branding of apostates for not adhering to these regulations, we encourage all prospective Disciples to educate themselves in these laws of our order.  

It should also be noted that those Disciples in good standing who genuinely seek a spiritual path elsewhere are allowed to leave the Cabal with our blessing.  If someone sincerely no longer feels the power in their soul within the Cabal, it is thought to be a greater honor to the Thirteen and the Cabal to remove oneself than to remain within as a Disciple in name only.  This way, we purify the Disciple body and continue to retain only those who wish to learn and empower themselves through Cabal teaching and craft.  Again, only those who seek out malignant action against the Cabal or the Thirteen are branded.

The Chains of the Abyss are the absolute laws of the Cabal.  Those who "break the chains" as we refer to it are branded apostates and removed from the Cabal indefinitely.  This is to ensure the dignity and integrity of the Cabal and its Disciples.  We do not play games nor do we stand for injustice.  Therefore, we suggest that only those who can understand the power derived from a healthy, established relationship with and within our Cabal seek Discipleship.  The Chains of the Abyss are as follows:

I.  Never reveal the secrets of the Maergzjiran Cabal to the uninitiated, unless by strict direction of the Zakaer.

II. Enemies of the Cabal shall not be tolerated excepted be for subterfuge or when giving quarter. When an enemy should seek to do you harm in any form, then by the Thirteen you are charged to confront and destroy them. Needless confrontations over petty disputes are not endorsed by the Blighted Lords; only that which may deliver real harm to one’s physical body, emotional stability, spiritual development, family unity or the health of loved ones, financial security or overall dignity in one’s realm of influence or invested social outlets.

 III.  Completion of the foundational exercises and rites as contained in the introductory Discipleship educational material must be successful and assessed by one’s mentor and approved by the Master of the Disciple’s respective Tower before becoming privy to further ritual education and opportunity for promotion and ascension within the Cabal.

IV.  Continued adherence to the magickal-spiritual path must be observed by all Disciples to retain a state of favor from the Thirteen and good standing within the Cabal.  This includes, but is not limited to:

‡ Daily recitation of the Maergzjiran Oath

‡ Regular meditation

‡ Performing daily, weekly, and special rites on sacred days and during empowered lunar nights such as on the new and full moon

‡ Reaffirming the blood pact during the Season of the Witch

‡ Regular updates made to the Disciple journal

‡ Fasting on specified times and dates to empower ritual and done so in the name of one’s Patron or Patroness; or, as sacrifice to assist others in their time of need; or, out of respect and supplication to their Patron or Patroness, allied Spirits, Servitors and Legionnaires.

V.  Strict observance shall be made of all Unholy Hours, that is, the sacred days of the calendar.  This observance should be met with appropriate sacrifice by the Disciple such as a single or multi-day water fast, celebration and revelry, offerings of food and libations at the altar in reverence to the Spirits, etc.

VI.  Obedience to a superior Disciple shall be endured when a request or order is given, breaking of the Chains of the Abyss excepted. In the instance of the breaking of Chains, the Disciple ordering such a demand is to be reported to any of the Zakaer (Ashirren and/or Ashaenok).

VII.  Complete fealty shall be given to the Thirteen Blighted Lords, their Spirits and Demons in attendance, the Ashaenok, and the Ashirren respectively.

VIII.  No Brother or Sister Disciple shall be named of any degree, rank, or title unless honored so by the direct decision of a unanimous vote by the Ashirren or by the direct order of the Ashaenok.

IX.  Apostates will be named, branded, and marked according to a majority decision of fate by the Council, which must include all Zakaer, or by direct order of the Ashaenok as being charged by and through the Thirteen.

X.  Apostates shall either be excommunicated, that is entirely removed from the Cabal, forever cut off from the Cabal’s activities, teachings, and communications with Disciples, or as decided according to the Council of all Zakaer or by the Ashaenok as duly noted above.

XI.  An apostate shall be named of any Disciple who, upon initiation:

‡ Denounces magickal-spiritual practice, the authority and supremacy of the Thirteen Blighted Lords of Maergzjirah including their attending Spirits and Demons of their respective Tower and domains, dominion, servitors and legionnaires

‡ Denounces the Maergzjiran Cabal

‡ Rejects the authority of the Ashaenok, Ashirren and Preceptors.

‡ Willfully harms physically, mentally, and/or spiritually, betrays, or speaks the secrets of another Disciple if not duly ordered, or otherwise seeks ill will toward another Disciple in any form.

Counteracts the ritual and mundane works of another Disciple who, by through their works and thoughts, is still functioning entirely within the bounds of the Chains of the Abyss.

‡ Impedes another’s apotheosis.

‡ Targets a Disciple with their own spells, rituals, psychic projection, or physical handling if expressly told not to prior. In the event of utilizing beneficial Maergzjiran channels, this should be discussed as best to one’s ability to further facilitate positive resolution.

‡ Challenges the Cabal hierarchy and/or the mandates of the Thirteen as communicated and exercised into Cabal structure.

‡ Grossly neglects the duties of their rank, station, or title such as refusing to fulfill an order or mandate, consistently failing to perform according to their title and position, abrutly withdrawing from the Cabal without due notice or a plan to reassure stability, & etc.

‡ In any way either directly or implied disrespects or works against the Thirteen and all Spirits and Demons who hail beneath them, the Cabal, and all that these entities universally and completely contained herein by those two bodies stand for.

XII.  Disciples shall show extended gratitude to their mentors and Masters for their teachings by extending acts of service unto them such as, but not limited to: cleaning their ritual area, preparing meals, making a small personal sacrifice, etc.

XIII.  None outside of the Cabal shall be privy to non-publicly disclosed techniques, knowledge, magickal rites business information, et cetera that pertains to the Cabal in any form.

XIV.  Every Disciple shall reaffirm their blood pact with the Thirteen during the Season of the Witch.

XV.  When able, one shall give to another Brother or Sister Disciple’s relief as liberally as possible without causing burden to oneself including, but not limited to nourishment, shelter, coin, harboring secrets, and emotional comfort.

XVI.  No secret shall be withheld by a Disciple unto their superiors.

XVII.  Upon completion of your first blood pact with the Thirteen, you are henceforth committing to:

‡ Giving a personal gift unto the Cabal discussed and approved by your respective Tower’s Ashirrin, which includes, but is not limited to:

— A financial donation

 — Occupational skills

— Spiritual gift (healing, divination, mediumship, etc.)

‡ Honorably represent the Cabal according to its Tenants of Etiquette.

‡ Dutifully study, master, and represent your chosen Tower of Apotheosis.

Maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle physically, mentally, and spiritually.

‡ Attend Coven and other Cabal gatherings as frequently as possible.

‡ Report another Disciple who has broken the Chains of the Abyss.

‡ Conform to the newly mandated directives of the Thirteen as communicated through the Ashaenok and Ashirren.

 XVIII.  All Zakaer will attend the Season of the Witch Coven unless catastrophic cause will render them unable. This must be discussed with the Council and sufficient proof given to support this claim.

XIV.  The voice and hand of the Ashaenok/Arch-Zakaer is the voice and hand of Maergzjirah. Therefore, when the Ashaenok extends a mandate as communicated by the Thirteen, it should be respected and considered by all Disciples to be the spoken word and action taken directly by the Thirteen, rendering his or her words and actions absolute.


The Maergzjiran Cabal is an ever-growing and evolving mystical organization that focuses deeply on the attainment of apotheosis.  Self-deification, that is to become Godhead is an extremely distant goal, but one that can be accomplished through devotion, discipline, and determination.  As an order that is steadily gaining international recognition and joining more Disciples in blood regularly, it has become an absolute necessity to educate all Disciples in the arts of etiquette so that, according to the Thirteen, “…the Cabal will be represented by blue-blooded Disciples like noble diplomats in a king’s court.”

The Thirteen have mandated certain behaviors and practices that are to be incorporated into the lives of Disciples regardless of the individual.  These should be taken to be the greatest expectations; ensuring not to let down the Thirteen as they have offered us much in return that we heed their words.  Further, the Tenants as seen do much to help keep the Disciple in a healthy and empowered state of being throughout the course of their life without drawback or negative backlash of any form.


            And it came to pass on the long, chilled spring nights while speaking with the Thirteen that the following mandates were spoken into the Cabal as living law…

‡ Disciples shall seek to live in a trine balance wherein their physical bodies, minds, and spirits are continually in a state of equal harmony. This reflects the necessity for balancing the shadow, ego and inner demon as well.

 ‡ Disciples shall pay considerable attention to the cleansing and grooming of their flesh vessel. As the outer vessel is cleansed and purified, it then makes the inner vessel more accessible for the harboring and channeling of spiritual power and creating the proper environment for the invocation of spirit entities.

 ‡ Disciples shall adhere to the mandate of uniform. At all times in public, the Disciple shall wear clothing that reflects the Disciple’s feeling of power toward the magickal arts. As a representative of the Cabal, the Disciple should not dress in a fashion that will degrade or otherwise bring unwanted or negative attention to the Cabal or its Disciples.

 ‡ During ritual, especially during Coven and other Cabal-aligned events, all Disciples are required to wear black hooded robes or cloaks and cleric or other facial masks aligned accordingly.

 ‡ The Ashaenok as well as the Ashirren, Preceptors and one’s Adept mentor are not to be made as servants. Therefore, when able, Disciples of lesser rank and title shall tend to their basic needs such as, but not limited to: serving meals, cleaning up, and preparing their ritual tools and clothing articles while in person. This extended service is a show of respect toward those who have come before and teach the ways of apotheosis.

 ‡ When addressing the Ashaenok, Ashirren and other Preceptors, proper recognition will always be observed by referring to them as, “Zakaer X” or “Preceptor X” Among Disciples, “Brother” or “Sister” work proper and respectfully on their own or preceding the Disciple name. Never should one’s Disciple name be used as a singular mode of recognition.  

 ‡ Nonverbal saluting is encouraged among Disciples by crossing their left arm across the chest and then thrusting the left fist outward at head height; acknowledging the supremacy of the Left Hand Path.  

 ‡ When first addressing a superior Disciple, but more especially Preceptors, Ashirren and Ashaenok, the individual should salute first, then offer a slight bow wherein the upper body is tilted at the waist so that the shoulders and head lean forward and lower; eyes also lowering. Then they may continue to address the senior Disciple. This is to acknowledge superior rank, experience, and favor of the Thirteen among those chosen few within the Cabal’s hierarchy. The lower ranking Disciple will always offer the salute, whereas the higher ranking Disciple need only to salute if he or she wishes.

 ‡ In group ritual, when the Thirteen, or any specific Blighted Lord, Lady, or other Spirit or Demon from Maergzjirah is called upon, all Disciples other than the Preceptors, Ashirren and Ashaenok will lower themselves to a kneel; the right knee put to the ground. Disciples who kneel will do so until they have been instructed to stand by the conductor of the ritual. When non-Disciples are present for ritual, it is the responsibility of those Disciples present to ensure that the non-initiated kneel as well before the Thirteen Blighted Lords of Maergzjirah.

As in all aspects of the Cabal life, every Disciple is charged to live and conduct themselves according to the Chains of the Abyss.  Therefore, the Tenets of Etiquette must always be observed; proper cleanliness, grooming, conduct, and speech must be aligned with Maergzjirah.  The Chains of the Abyss must reign supreme over the lives of all Disciples for in our militant discipline and steadfastness to uphold these noble laws, we are brought closer as a spiritual family as well as closer to the Blighted Lords and the Spirits and Demons who are always in attendance within their respective domains and Maergzjiran realms.


DUTY. If not to ourselves, then how can we uphold such to others or grand ideals? Here, we must understand that we are the living body of the Cabal. Therefore, we must strive to: 

 I. Uphold the Chains of the Abyss & Tenets of Etiquette; 

 II. Carry ourselves to a greater degree of class and prestige than the dross who overpopulate the world and leech its resources; 

 III. Hunger for knowledge and power while seeking out apotheosis in one’s chosen Tower of Apotheosis; 

 IV. Never quit pursuing the absolute truths of the soul; 

 V. Achieve absolute apotheosis, that is, self-deification. 

LOYALTY. Unto our brethren, we do our best to help them achieve their personal goals and to triumph in their hour of need. As we all uphold this, no one is ever alone in their battles. Therefore, we: 

 I. Render another’s secrets in shadow, that is, a secret absolute even under pain of death, Chains of the Abyss triumphing; 

 II. Take to arms alongside our Brother or Sister in need and to lend of our own resources as liberally as possible without detriment to ourselves; 

 III. None shall speak ill of another Disciple; though concern and positive criticism is welcome for their benefit; 

 IV. Assist in another’s personal spiritual journey to ensure their success. This includes providing information and insight, soul journeying alongside another Disciple, perform rituals with and for your fellow Disciple, & etc.; 

 V. Exalt another Brother or Sister so that their battles are won and one’s apotheosis is achieved. 

FAMILY. As we make up the body of the Cabal, it is our responsibility to care for that body. Therefore, it is essential to: 

 I. Place our loyalty to the Cabal before any other order; 

 II. Uphold the duties placed upon us by the hierarchy of the Cabal for the prosperity of the Cabal; 

 III. Defend the Cabal to the last breath if necessary; 

 IV. Do not take the Cabal for granted. Undertake your studies with fervor and dedication. Strive for advancement and help the Cabal in all of its undertakings so as to stand among the elite. In this manner, you shall be a leader and role model for others; 

 V. Assist the Cabal in its growth so as to bless others with the Cabal in their lives as well as see the Cabal contend and stand mightily for those of our Way that cannot stand alone. 

HONOR. There is no honor quite like being placed in the vanguard of the Blighted Lords’ ambitions. To be named as a chosen Disciple of any Patron or Patroness is much to be proud of as the Maergzjiran Mission is a grand and glorious one indeed. Therefore, we must: 

 I. Obey the will and law of Maergzjirah; 

 II. Never dishonor Maergzjirah or its hand, the Cabal; 

 III. Destroy the enemies of Maergzjirah whenever possible; 

 IV. Carry out the orders of the Blighted Lords; 

 V. Bridge the planes by any means. This also includes attending Coven as during these times, in large concentrations we are thrusting Maergzjirah fully into Etheris. 

The Icosahedron must not be taken lightly. Nor should one discount any of them as being less important than the next for they are all essential for the harmony of the Cabal and the fulfillment of personal joy through Maergzjirah. Therefore, as a postulant seeks to make their blood pact and ascend into full Disciple status, their respective Adept should observe the above duties and see if the postulant lives according to these as well as having a sound understanding of the Chains of the Abyss & Tenets of Etiquette as all must be adhered to in order to fully live according to Maergzjirah and live up to the demands of the Blighted Lords & Ladies.

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