The Cabal Sanctuary is a special destination where initiated Disciples of the Maergzjiran Cabal may go to communicate with one another. Here, rites and rituals, techniques, and special relic offers are given. As this is a specialty forum, we discourage most mundane discussion. Disciples are encouraged to discuss the craft for the love of the craft. Also, as stated, one must first be a member of the Maergzjiran Cabal in order to gain admission into the Sanctuary, therefore all applicants will be subject to approval. When you join the Cabal, you automatically become privy to the use of the Sanctuary. Below are the rules of the Sanctuary. Failure to abide by these tenants will result in a ban from the Sanctuary. 

 I. The Cabal Sanctuary is for use by Disciples of the Cabal only. If by some covert means, entry by an unitiated individual is discovered, notify a moderator or administrator immediately to remedy the situation via removal of said individual and an I.P. ban. 

 II. Use of this forum grants no promise, boon, guarantee, gift, or warranty of any sort and is to be taken and utilized as-is. 

 III. While respect is ultimately earned, courtesty is demanded. Respect your fellow Disciples, their path, experiences, and so forth. 

 IV. The Tenets of the Kinship apply here. If you are not familiar with them, re-read them from your Disciple packet. 

 V. Any individual who seeks to slander, deface, insult, or in any other form, directly or indirectly another Disciple, the Temple of Maergzjirah, the Maergzjiran Cabal, Black Court Magickal Works, or any affiliated body will be given a singular warning depending on the severity of the incident. A second infraction will result in an excommunication from the Maergzjiran Cabal and the individual will be branded an apostate. 

 VI. Works and information found within the Sanctuary is to be kept and utilized by Disciples for a mutual benefit. It is not by any means to be used for mercenary ends, singular profit, blackmail, or in any way which would betray the Tenets of Kinship or in any way reflects Tenet V. 

 ‡ If you are an initiated Disciple or a Postulant Disciple you have received the access information to the Sanctuary via email.

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