Becoming a member of the Maergzjiran Cabal is an honor to oneself as the Cabal is the foremost advocate of individuals in the war on oppression, corruption and persecution by spiritual, governmental and societal organizations which seek to suppress and control individuals who walk this Path.  Further, the Cabal has earned a reputation for breeding intelligent, powerful Disciples who share bonds of deep spirituality, loyalty, honor and resolute spirit.  We are a family of the Spirit.  We are not roleplayers and we do not tolerate such behavior that is contrary to the high personal standards and goals we have set for the Cabal.

Discipleship is a twofold path.  The first stage of Discipleship is the postulant phase where the prospective Disciple first petitions the Cabal for membership.    All new potential Disciples will be introduced under a standard six month probationary discipleship.  This means that upon acceptance of your petition, you will be granted limited access to the Cabal Sanctuary and assigned a mentor based on your affinity for your Chosen Tower of Apotheosis and will be given the opportunity to work through various rites with the ability to gain feedback from your Cabal-assigned mentor.  Dilligence can nullify the probation sooner while complacency and lack of effort can indefinitely negate Discipleship.  Full Disciple status will be given at one of our quarterly gatherings.

The second part is receiving full Disciple status within the Cabal.  This means that you have satisfied the requirements for Discipleship and have received commendation from your mentor within six months after having first petitioned the Order.  You will have made your formal pact amongst the Masters of the Towers of Apotheosis and newly acquainted Brothers and Sisters of the Cabal.  From here, you will be given full access to the Cabal Sanctuary and all of our teachings.  You will be able to proudly brandish our sigil and receive continual instruction leading toward your apotheosis.  The ability to call oneself a Disciple of the Cabal, again, is an honor because we achieve our goals, we master ourselves and we master the world around us through unified work beside our brethren and through devout practices which reenforce discipline, steadfastness and courage to do what must be done to succeed.

Those who seek discipleship in the Cabal must understand and follow these few basic and simple guidelines.

‡ Applicant must be at least 16 years or older to be admitted.
‡ Understand and agree with to live by the Chains of the Abyss & Tenets of Etiquette.
‡ Petition must be filled out completely and honestly to the fullest extent of your knowledge and ability.
‡ Petition is to be submitted to us through our email as given.
‡ Processing fee of $50.00 must be paid in full (see below) at the time of submission.
‡ Submit oneself to the postulant probationary standard.

Upon acceptance into the Maergzjiran Cabal, the new Disciple will obtain:
‡ Disciple's Packet which includes...
  · Information regarding the original tribal pact, information regarding spiritual practices and a brief history of spiritual experience as conveyed through oral tradition from 1436,
    sigils of spiritual focus, dominions, and correspondences; as well as continued updates regarding the Towers of Apotheosis and Patrons of the Cabal.
  - Regular updates to Cabal literature (errata), Disciple information
  · Hierarchy and ranking within the Cabal's Towers; 
  · The Cabal's sacred days and sacred hours of celebration; 
  · The Tenants of the Maergzjiran Cabal; · Preparatory rites and rituals; 
‡ Personalized membership certificate
‡ Access to the Cabal Sanctuary's Disciple-only sectors
‡ The opportunity to meet and train in person during special gatherings known as Coven
‡ Relic offerings and discounts available only to Disciples of the Cabal

If you wish to join, please download the postulant petition, fill it out truthfully and as completely as possible.  Return it to us along with remittance of your postulant processing fee.  Please keep in mind that if for any reason your petition is rejected, there is a six month waiting list in order to re-apply and your processing fee will be refunded to you in full.

To download the Discipleship (postulant) petition and remit payment, please do so through the Reliquary.

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