How do you even pronounce Maergzjirah or Maergzjiran?
These names are derived from a spoken language not even from this plane.  It was first communicated in the 1100's to the first tribe of the Drujziya (Droo-zhee-uh - there is a slight roll of the "r" to be noted).  Maergzjirah being the native plane which our Blighted Lords hail from is pronounced as "My-air-zhee-rah".  Keep in mind that that each syllable is given equal stress and the "g" is entirely silent in both..  Maergzjiran, a term referring to anything sourced from Maergzjirah such as a Spirit, a Disciple or school of magick is pronounced as My-air-zhee-rahn. Again, we afford equal stress along each syllable so that it rolls off the tongue and is not pronounced harshly as the written form might suggest.

What do those symbols mean on your logo and banners?
We have several symbols which we use to identify the Cabal and its Disciples.  The first is the most iconic and recognized by others outside of the Cabal.  The first is the Great Seal.  It depicts a crescent moon encircling a modified inverted star.  This symbol represents the lunar and nocturnal energies; an affinity for working at night, finding a positive creative and genius flow that comes through the coursing across a dark sea in search of enlightenment.  The star within represents the elements and man's quest for physical, mental, and spiritual superiority.  The next is the skull.  This symbol represents the human condition and man's quest to defeat Death; obtaining personal immortality through his life's works.  The double-armed cross, or Cross of Loraine is and always has been a symbol of spiritual authority, empowerment, and a oneness with the divine.  Lastly, the alchemical symbol of sulfur reminds us of our basic unity with the earth and the earthly elements; our being grounded in order to push forward toward personal greatness despite the obstacles in our way.  UPDATE: You may now see what looks like a star in a circle with little flame-like elements at the outer and intersecting points and between each point are sigils.  This is a special circle that is used in ritual by binding the four cardinal elements with spirit to accomplish our goals in ritual.

Do I need to be member of your Cabal to order or use your relics?
No. They are freely used by any who seek to utilize them. However, there are special techniques as well as unique relics available only for initiated Disciples of the Maergzjiran Cabal. We strive to master all forms of magick, and so we make the most out of our relics. 

I live someplace where I am worried that someone will see what I've purchased. Help!
Worry not.  Everything that we ship is discretely packaged.  We only use our company's initials as well on the return address and parcel contents are vaguely labeled, such as: "pendant, art box, book", & etc.  Discretion is requisite for the harmony of many individuals to live and practice their spirituality without worry.  Many of us have dealt with this and know well enough to ensure you do not have to worry further or be concerned that something would give away your practice or the contents of the parcel.

My talisman looks differently than what was pictured.  Why?
AS OF JANUARY 1st, 2016 - On the nature of talismans, we want to make it very clear how we will be making them from now on...  We utilize natural black clay to make our talismans.  This helps to retain energy, feeling and various essences, whereas polymer clays do not boast such a great tendancy to do such.  Once forged, we black wash the face of the talisman with black ink to darken the now grey clay.  After the ink absorbs into the clay, we draw the sigils in blood inks and seal it with a lacquer.  When finished, you have a beautiful black talisman with striking red, bloody sigils upon them.  We run the cord through the talisman to strengthen the area around the punched hole and for a very natural appearance.  So, what you may have seen on the screen was likely made from a colored polymer clay or was crafted with synthetic inks.  Understand that the method we are utilizing now is pure and grants you the most power we can grant you in that singular relic.  It has been so potent a change that all of our Disciples and regular clients have been extremely pleased!

What is the best way to channel keywords, thoughts, emotions, and desires into my craftwork?
Any relic whose essence you will employ toward manifesting your desires will require that your whole self be focused upon the desired outcome. As read below, we suggest nightly meditation for your own empowerment, however, meditation is key to keeping yourself entwined with the energy of your relic. Continued use does make this more innate, however, joining with the relic and its Patrons by proxy will do much more for you. Channeling your utmost desire and willpower can be entirely automatic in some while for others it is an acquired talent. Regardless, should you be gazing upon a sigil, writing your wishes upon parchment, driving a nail through the heart of a doll, et cetera, there is a channeling method the Cabal employs in all instances. Some aspects vary by the Disciple, however, the process is all very much the same per individual. 

What is the difference between active magick and passive magick?
Active magick is defined by utilizing some form of ritual, components, or other conscious and direct effort through spell craft to manifest the desired results through the use of the relic(s). Passive magick means that the relic forever radiates an aura of power that grows with use by the Disciple. It does not require the Disciple to do anything other than perform a basic meditation with the relic whereby they allow its energies to entwine with the essence of their desires which are sought through the use of the relic(s). 

My relic has no scroll. How do I use it?
A relic without a scroll is to be considered Passive (read the above entry). Many Disciples will meditate with their relic(s) individually. Each unique meditation will forge a bond between the relic's energy and their own. A common practice is to allow the sigil(s) or seal(s) upon the relic to glow in their mind, or 'burn itself into your third eye' as you meditate on how the relic will come to bring about the desired outcome. In the latter end of the meditation, the Disciple focuses upon the essence of fulfillment delivered through the obtainment of the mystic employment of magick. This means of finishing their meditation leads to an expansive pulsation of innate power that, alongside that of the relic's will set forth a lance of power that will create change. 

What is the most powerful relic you offer?
In the right hands, any relic can be the most powerful. It greatly depends on the individual, their goals, and their own innate strength. Power to be found in the Cabal's relics are many and as their own energies entwine with the individual wielding them, this is what creates the true power hidden within. As they are used, the individual sees how it works in alignment with their desires and comes to observe just how powerful the union of internal desire and the magickal relic truly is. 

What relic(s) should I acquire?
When deciding what to acquire, we are crossed about assigning any relic in particular. However, we do recommend that you gaze upon the relics and follow both your instinct and your Spirit as you will likely be drawn by an unseen, unknown force to certain relics. By doing this, many individuals have had more empowered experiences and are much more satisfied with their choice of relics. 

Can someone in the Cabal cast the spell or carry out the rite for me?
Yes.  Please inquire with us for more information.  A time ago we would have said no, however, in light of blessing from the Thirteen, we have opened up our temples for the purposes of assisting others who require help.  Our ritual work is all-encompassing and we aspire to exhaust every possible channel in order to achieve absolute success in our workings for you and for ourselves alike.  To that end, if you need something, give us a fully detailed account of the issue and what exactly you need done.  Nothing is taboo or too extreme.  Simply, we need to know what you require to be fulfilled and so we know what to do to assist.  In this regard, we are mercenaries, but discrete and loyal to our clients.

I don't think this is working as I had hoped. What now?
Magick is not an exact science. Magick is the process of manipulating and manifesting planar essence. By manipulating this essence, we are able to cast forth essence, or to some, spells and create the force of change through ritual, evoke and invoke Daemons, Spirits, Angels, divinies, and summon our desires. The success and failure of one's magickal practices is contingent entirely upon the individual. Meditation is the foundation for spiritual practices as it empowers the psychic and spiritual senses, and bolsters the individual while removing one from the mundane. Faith in your craft, your ability to create change, and in the forces you call upon in working with your relic(s) is a key to success in magickal work. Lastly, as magick requires absolute reality to be transmuted, you must give time for planar boundaries, the resolve of others, social, environmental, and other threads to be rewoven through your ritual work to fully manifest. In short, while results may come almost instantly in some cases, in most it requires time for it to manifest after you've performed your work and declared your intent. 

If I am not happy with the relic(s) I have acquired, can I have a refund? 
No. When you acquire any relic, it is individually crafted and enchanted. It is immediately wrapped and then taken from the ritual space and is prepared for shipping. Once you receive the relic, it touches your hands and so the bonding process of the relic's energies and your own essence begins. This bond grows with continued use of the relic. That said, we cannot accept any relic from anyone once it departs from the Temple. At any point, should you decide you no longer want the relic or aren't satisfied with your results, the relic simply cannot be passed on to another. The relic must be wrapped and burned, buried, or destroyed. The remnants of the relic must then be disposed of through burial if you did not already bury the relic intact. 

I acquired relics of the Temple from others who no longer use them or from different sellers. They'll work for me, right?
Unfortunately, no. Relics are crafted and enchanted to order. When they're being wrapped and packaged, the preparer will coat his or her hands with a special oil so as to keep the energies of the relic from binding with their Spirit. This is to ensure that upon receiving the relic, it will immediately begin to bond with the individual using it. This process, even by simply spending a few moments with a relic will nullify its ability to work for another. Therefore, if you have received your relic from someone who no longer is using them, please understand that they will not work as intended, if at all. Also, do not be fooled by anyone who claims to be from the Temple or assures you the relics of ours they are selling are genuine. No individual is permitted to sell Maergzjiran relics outside of this site or through our eBay store. In fact, should you come across someone doing this, please contact us. 

I no longer need these relics. How should I respectfully dispose of them?
As these relics are of no use to anyone else, should you leave the arcane path, we recommend two respectul methods of ridding yourself of our relics. 1. Wrap the relics in a black cloth and use force to break them. As you do this, release your spiritual ties to the relics and with it, your thanks to those Spirits who have observed you and assisted you through them.
2. Burn the relics over an open fire at night. As they burn, again, offer your thanks to the Spirits and bid them farewell.
Disrespectfully destroying relics only infuriates the Lords and Ladies of Maergzjirah, thus invoking their wrath. 

I've noticed some relics have bones. Why are bones used and not blood?
Bones are linked to the Underworld; the Spirit and that is the sole reason for using them. However, bones that we collect are harvested respectfully from its source and having knowledge that its death was natural. Unnatural death causes a fissure in its energy that can cause workings to not flow correctly or will create unwanted or unforeseen changes in one's ritual work. Keraktian Necromancy relies on the use of natural worldly components to work directly with the supernatural. Relying on the unnatural again will create unwanted results. We cannot stress it enough, just as bones are common is other faiths, practices, and even common household items, we do acquire our from natural sources in natural and respectful ways as we do not wish to unpset the natural order or energies of the earth and the elements.  Blood on the other hand is a component of ritual execution and devotion.

Does one relic counteract, nullify, or make another relic redudant?
It should be noted above all else that the use of any number of relics only amplifies what has been done before, what is, and will be. It neither becomes redundant nor makes another relic obsolete. The use of individual relics serves to better acquaint the Disciple with specific energies while creating new forms of energy when combined with other energy types. For instance a necrotic mixed with the angelic and later with the shadow. It creates new energies. 

My relic seems pretty complex. Do I need someone's hair, a picture, or their still beating heart to use it?
Unless otherwise noted in the description, everything that you will need to perform any of the rites via ritual packs are contained save for anything that might need to come directly from the Disciple i.e. a written declaration of desire or the life breath. Otherwise, anything further you wish to supply will bolster the rite even if only for psychodramatic purposes. There are some Spirits and Daemons which are more 'human' in that they use physical signs to better manifest the Disciple's will. 

I really like one of your relics, but I want something that is similar, but aligned with a different Patron. What can I do?
Our relics come in their unique forms as well as alternatives and augmented forms to suit the individual Patrons' dominions. So, in short, yes, there are other formats that can be made which follow the same style of a relic, but for a different dominion. The service of augmenting a relic or creating one is available only for Disciples of the Maergzjiran Cabal. 

If I am trying to contact a Patron who holds a certain dominion, but I do not know its name, What can I do?
There are two methods. The first we suggest is to contact the head of the Court who it would belong to. Example: You would seek out Astrael if you wanted to commune with a Patron who holds dominion over telepathy. The second method is equally as simple if not moreso. Meditate on the dominion itself, not any desire to contact a particular Patron. Meditating on this energy or even just the keyword(s) will align the soul accordingly and thus draw a particular patron of such a nature.

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