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Magick and spiritual experiences are just as unique as the individual experiencing them, therefore, you must interpret each instance according to your own senses.

This said, we make no guarantee of results per use of our products, services or by practicing anything as written in our various forms of literature.

While some of us are trained in ancient and folk medicines, we are not your physicians.  Therefore, if you ail from any health issues, we suggest you also seek out the care of medical professionals.  Again, do not seek magickal manifestations as a substitute for practical medicine, modern technology, and common sense.  Understand that magick is a matter of manipulating energies to manifest your desire and to speed its resolution.  Therefore, if you have little to no experience with magick, do not expect it to work overnight.  It may, though the liklihood of this is rare.  Magick could well be considered prayer.  There is much misconception as to the word, its meaning, as well as the many baseless negative connotations in which it also carries in our language.  Magick is about the expereince and striving for spiritual exaltation.

The mystic path followed in our system is one that requires dedication to the manifestation of your desire, faith in your ability to do the "impossible", courage to continue despite what others may say, think of you, or work to twart you.  Ultimately it requires the willpower to remain steadfast and spiritually strong while retaining the perspective that nothing is beyond reach no matter how grand, improbable, or seemingly impossible.

Black Court Magickal Works, The Temple of Maergzjirah, and Maergzjiran Cabal operate as a single body with three separate arms fulfilling different purposes.  You will find the appropriate contact for each arm.  However, please understand that we receive a large volume of emails daily so your email will be answered in 2-3 days or sooner.  If you send us multiple emails with the same content every day, you're only slowing down our ability to respond to you and others.

As part of the obligatory notes, all content contained on this site is to be considered as adult entertainment purposes only.

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