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  • RELICS - New talismans, Tower Disciple Packs, and Ritual Packs now available.
  • GRIMOIRE - "Eye of the Oracle" now shipping!  Hail the Void!
  • DISCIPLESHIP - Join the Cabal and achieve god-like power through masterful ritual practices, mentorship, and infernal pacts.  
  • NOTICE - Do not acquire our relics from anyone, but us.  They only work for the individual who originally acquired them. 
  • NOTICE - Unless you are buying relics directly from this website, our eBay listings under the user name "templeofmaergzjirah", or have received an invoice from us, do not send funds directly.
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Welcome to the Black Temple

Since 2010, Black Court Magickal Works and the Black Court Reliquary have been supplying Disciples of the Left Hand Path with grimoires, relics, and more to amplify their craft and open the gates for their apotheosis.  As we offer our blessing upon all those who strive mightily along the arcane spiritual path, we also wish to advise everyone about a few happenings. The first is that many sites and operations are putting a stop to all listing of magickal or spiritual wares of any sort. We were not exempt from this across the internet. The second is that we have recently begun seeing our relics being sold secondhand by others. Please know that each relic is made for the individual and once it has been handled by someone, it begins to attach to their soul. To use a relic that belongs to or belonged to another individual may not work nearly as it was enchanted and prepared for, if at all. Never acquire a Maergzjiran relic from anyone other than the Temple to ensure that it entwines with you alone and works as you need it to. Lastly, we have also begun to see the typical and expected loose tongue discussions regarding the Cabal and its functions. Simply put, while we do offer a great deal of information freely over the internet and in our grimoires, one cannot truly understand what it is that we stand for or do unless one is a Disciple of the Cabal working through their respective Tower or has religiously observed what we do firsthand. That said, we strive to expel all falacies. If you are unsure, then by all means ask us and we will enlighten you. There is no foolish question expect the question not asked.

Information for visitors and Disciples alike

Please understand that to better serve our procurers, we will no longer be answering questions regarding the descriptions, powers, or what may be obtained through the use of any offering we make available. The summary given with the relic fulfills this as they are also subject to your use.
We do not offer advice and we will not help you choose which relic(s) to acquire. These should be what your souls calls and is drawn to.
When acquiring any relic please do not follow up with e-mails regarding your name, birth date, or other personal information pertaining to you or to others. We do not need this information to prepare any relic for you nor do we wish to inadvertently become acquainted with your personal dealings.  If your relic contains a scroll, it will explain how to use it. Please do not e-mail us asking for information on how to use it. Please read through the Maergzjiran Archives (see above) as this gives ample explanation of how relics are used. Inquiries received of the sort will be discarded. The reason for this is due to the fact that too much time is taken away from ritual and preparation in order to answer such questions. The Cabal Sanctuary offers Disciples the opportunity to ask any questions they have which are answered when other Disciples or Masters of the Cabal have an opportunity. If you still have questions after reading an item's description, consider joining the Cabal to further your learning and mastery of the Cabal's magicks.
Custom relics are available for Initiated Disciples of the Cabal only. Inquiries made by non-Disciples will be discarded. 
We have changed our regulations for applicable shipping destinations. If you reside outside of the United States, though more especially in a country where spiritual practices such as ours are not tolerated, contact us before ordering.

Known Possible Site Glitches

As this website has been revamped, we understand that there may be some glitches or quirks in the code.  If you experience these or anything out of the ordinary for a website, please let us know.  Also, if you're trying to purchase a relic and it either fails to add to your cart or takes you to the PayPal home page, again, let us know so that we can fix the issue and send you an invoice for the relic(s) you wish to acquire in the meantime.  Thank you for you assistance in helping us provide the best browsing experience on our site possible.

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