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Black Court Magickal Works new Reliquary now open.  Check out our most extensive listing of relics.

MAY 6-9, 2016

Detroit Coven.  Registration to be posted this week. Join the Black Court Legion for updates.

The mission of the Cabal is to offer all individuals an unique opportunity to explore the multi-ethnic spiritual paths that make up the Cabal.  We are an organization who focuses on the mysteries of the soul; seeking to be more divine through purpose and practice.  We see true divinity within and encourage all individuals to manifest that for themselves through education and execution.  The Cabal seeks to gain spiritual autocracy through individual apotheosis and steadfast leadership.

Black Court Magickal Works offers ritual relics, music
and literature including, but not limited to...

+ Talismans of spiritual significance
+ Grimoires of magicks per Tower of Apotheosis
+ Music for ritual and meditation
+ Portable altars upon request (email us for info)
+ Spirit boards and divination tools
+ Witch Ladders
+ Anointed Ritual Candles
+ Ritual & Spell Packs
+ Custom Rituas & Spiritual Counseling (email us)